Bhimkund Waterfall

Bhimkund waterfall is a wonderful natural statement of natural beauty, surrounded by a green jungle. The rajasi baitarani river provides two of the most beautiful and flowing streams of natural lovers which are called sankund and badakund. The cascade has a tremendous quality of giving marvelous experience to the guests because of huge vertical formed canyon and speeding current and makes the climate smokey. Further enormous thundering sound of cascade makes the spot generally intriguing among sightseers. This cascades is considered as a most hallowed spot in strict perspective. Nearby individuals accumulate here during yearly festival of Makar Sankranti in enormous numbers. Folklore is that Pandavas were remaining some time here during their strict campaign

Bhimkund 40 Kms.from Karanjia, close to Booring town in Thakurmunda P.S. is the hallowed pool BHIMKUND” in the stream Vaitarani. The legend uncovers that Bhima, the second Pandava used to clean up in this pool when the Pandavas were passing their undercover life in Birat Nagar, said to be the present Kaptipada.During Makar Festival in the period of January a huge number of individuals assemble here to take their sacred plunge. The spot can likewise be drawn closer from Dhenkikote (20 Kms.) on S.H. No 11 interfacing Keonjhar and Panikoili.

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