Chakuli Pitha

Chakuli pitha is a flat Odia rice-based fermented cake that has been popular in Odisha for centuries. During festivals, it is made and served.
Rice flour, black gram, refined edible oil (ideally ghee or mustard oil), and salt are used to make the meal.

Preparation :
To make the batter, combine rice flour, black gram, warm water, and salt. For several hours, the batter is covered and left to ferment. After that, the batter is placed into a skillet to make round flat cakes.
Chakuli pitha can be eaten alone or with ghuguni, sambhar, sugar, jaggery, tea, milk, vegetables, and meat as a side dish.

Variation :
Chakuli pitha comes in a variety of flavors. Saru Chakuli is a thinner version of Dosa that is identical to it. Burha Chakuli is a thicker version of the dish made with jaggery, paneer, and grated coconut.

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