Daringbadi is a famous and spectacular hill station. which is situated in the Kandhamala district of the state of odisha in estearn india. Widely known as “odisha’s Kashmir”, it is located at an altitude of 915 m and is a popular tourist destination.

 In the days of British rule, there was a British officer named drawing sahib who was in charge of this place. Over the years, the place was named after him who spelt the meaning of the village along with the Daringbadi. More than 50% of the population here constitutes set community of aboriginal tribes.

 The temperature level of the Daringbadi is often recorded below 0 ° c. It is also well known for the production of improved quality of organic turmeric which is already G.I. tag. It is also famous for harvesting ginger.

To Travel:

 Regular bus services can reach Daringbadi (246 km) from the Bhubaneswar state Capital. The nearest railway station is in Brahampur (119 km).

 From Daringbari Berhampur it can be reached through sorda (nh-59) which is near about 120 km (75 miles), or Bhanjanagar – G.Udayagiri (nh-117) which is through the medium of approximately 180 km (110 miles) – the route of Bramhanigan which is about 145 km (90 miles)

It is about 49 kilometres (30 miles) from Baliguda, 30.5 kilometres (19.0 miles) from Raikia and 105 (65miles) kilometres from Phulbani.

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