Debakunda or Devkund is a natural pond which is located in the Mayurbhanj district of Odisha in India and is a part of Simlipal National Park. The water flowing from the adjoining stream has created this pond. There is a temple called “Ambika Mandir” which was discovered during the British Raj by a researcher and king Rajkumar Prafulla Chandra Bhanja Dev, who stayed in Devkund and researched about this place. Debakunda is the habitat of the lichen species such as Parmeliaceae. Debaikund is a combination of two words. One is “Deba” (deity) and another one is “Kunda” (a small tub or pond). This is a very beautiful religious and tourist spot and natural beauty of Odisha.

Location :

Debakund place is situated in Udala block which is situated 85 km from Balasore district and 60 km from Baripada main town.

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