Shanti Stupa of Dhauligiri is generally called the Peace Pagda. Dhaulagiri lies a good way off of 7 Km from Bhubaneswar. As soon as one travels to Puri from Bhubaneswar one gets peace stupa. The word ‘shanti’ in the actual name proposes Hermione. King asoka attained the path of goodwill and peace and, depending on Buddhism, he established the structure of the dhauligiri peace stupa at the end of the kalinga war. Here, reveals the edits of Lord Buddha, which are visited by many Buddhist devotees.

The development of Shanti Stupa of Dhauligiri was helped by Fuji Guruji and subsequently, the spot turned into the spot of dedication and love for different individuals having a place with various ages. One can likewise detect various stupas, chaityas just as columns whose establishment was laid by King Ashoka. There additionally exist various declarations that show King Ashoka’s expectation to advance happiness, harmony and satisfaction all through the world. Also, over the orders, you go over a stone slice elephant that is viewed as the most punctual Buddhist model in Odisha.

The general design of the stupa is looking like a vault. One can detect the Buddha impressions just as the Bodhi tree over the stone boards. Preposterous, one additionally recognizes the picture of Ashoka who keeps his sword of battle before Lord Buddha recommending that he had surrendered war totally. Nearby this stupa, there lays a religious community named as the Saddharma Vihar Monastery, which is tremendously visited by the Buddhist fans. Also, at a brief separation from the Shanti Stupa, you discover the sanctuary of Dhavaleshwar that was redesigned in the year 1972 and is highly frequented by Hindu just as Buddhist fans.

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