Gandhamardan Hills

Gandhamardan Hills, also known as Gandhamardan Parbat, is a hill in Odisha, India, located between the districts of Balangir and Bargarh. This hill is famous for its medicinal plants. The Gandhamardan mountain ranges are a rich source of medicinal plant diversity. According to the Botanical Survey of India, there are 220 plant species with medicinal value. Locals, on the other hand, claim that there are over 500 species of medicinal plants in this area. The buffer zone’s flora is the most vulnerable. Many once-abundant medicinal plant species, such as Clerodendron Indicum, Rauvolfia serpentina, and Plumbago zeylanica, have become scarce. A study found 2,700 angiosperms and 125 species of important medicinal plants out of a total of 220 medicinal, quasi-medicinal, and economically important plants.
According to Hindu mythology, Lord Hanuman hauled this hill from the Himalayas on his shoulders to save Lakshman’s life. Sushena (the experienced physician in the Vanara Sena that followed Ram) had advised Vir Hanuman to bring Bisalyakarani ere dawn in the Treta Yug, so that Laxman may be resurrected. It was in the midst of Lord Ram’s battle with Ravan. Hanuman was unable to recognize the herb and was carrying a massive Himalayan bulk on his shoulders. A portion fell to the ground while flying above and toward Lanka (the kingdom of Ravan). Gandhamardan only refers to that portion. The Nrusinghanath Temple is located on the northern slope of this hill, while the famous Harishankar Temple is located on the southern slope of this hill.
On both sides of Gandhamardan, there are two Ayurveda colleges and hospitals, one in the Bargarh district and the other in Balangir. The hill was previously known for its Buddhist culture, and some Buddhist ruins can still be found there. The entire valley contains bubbling streams and gorgeous environs, making trekking in Gandhamardan Hill a genuinely enriching experience. Because it is surrounded by lush forests and attractive herbal plants and flowers, the visual splendor of the location are worth praising. It’s time to trek in the Gandhamardan Hills to experience the pure delight of nature and bring back memories that will last a lifetime.

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