Gupchup – The Universal Food of India: Gupchup, the most renowned food of the state famously known as Golgoppa or panipuri accross India . In the South, its Panipuri or Gapchup presented with Onion and Pudina water and in the East generally in Odisha, Bihar, Jharkhand, and West Bengal its Gupchup.

In the territory of Odisha, Gupchup slows down are generally found in the city of pretty much every city. For the most part close to parks, shopping centers, and stream banks. in odisha ,the best gupchup get in cuttack. The food is generally well known among young ladies and children. Before couple of years Gupshup was modest and was effectively accessible 4 pieces in Re.1 however now at a similar cost barely we can get a piece. Still its the most wanted food in the evening.


For the puri – Maida(flour) (1 cup), Suji(semolina) (1 cup), rice flour (1 tsp, discretionary), salt, oil for broiling the puris.

For the filling – Potatoes ( 2 huge), onion ( 1 huge), bubbled yellow peas (1/4 cup), green chillis (2 nos), coriander leaves, coriander powder (2/3 tsp), cumin-bean stew powder (2/3 tsp), salt to taste.

For the pani – Tamarind, jal jeera (1/3 tsp, discretionary), bean stew powder, coriander leaves(minced), salt to taste.


Puris – mixing rice flour,semolina,salt and some drop of oil with maida. Add almost no water and work into a firm batter. Make little balls out of the batter. Spread into far rotis and cut out little circles utilizing a shaper. Cook till its puffs well and turns out to be truly fresh.

Filling – Boil the potatoes and yellow peas. Permit to cool. Strip the potatoes and pound it. Finely slash the onions, green chillies and coriander leaves. Add the yellow peas, cleaved onions, chillies, and coriander leaves to the squashed potaoes. Sprinkle coriander powder, cumin-stew powder and salt over it. Blend well.

Pani – Add water to the tamarind and crush out the mash. Add more water, jal-jeera, bean stew powder, coriander leaves and salt. The pani ought to be somewhat acrid and hot.

Serving – Make a little opening on one side of the puri. Put in the squashed potato-onion-peas filling. Dunk the puri into the tart pani and relish the taste.

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