Jeypore Koraput

Jeypore, is perhaps the biggest town and a position of authentic importance in the region of Koraput in Odisha, India. The town was set up as a capital of the realm of Maharaja Veer Vikrama Dev in 1648-49CE. It was the biggest realm of Kalinga until the defiance of Balram Dev III. Afterward, the realm was crushed by the East India Company and was made a baronial domain or Zamindari in 1780 until its disintegration in 1947. Generally, the recent realm was spread absurd locales of North Andhra and South Odisha.

Jeypore is encircled by slopes of the Eastern Ghats and the Araku slopes on three sides like a horseshoe with the western side opening up to Chhattisgarh in focal India. Basically, this spot was picked by the Maharaja due to its essential importance.


Prior to getting the name ‘Jeypore’ by the Suryavanshi lords this land was administered by different traditions like the Satavahanas, Ikshavakus, Nalas, Gangas and Shilavanshis. In 1443, Vinayak Dev the sovereign of Northern Kashmir wedded the solitary little girl of the Shilavanshi lord and acquired the realm of Nandapur.

In 1571, after the demise of the Suryavanshi lord, Maharajadhiraj Maharaja Vishwanath Dev Gajapati, the realm under the connection of his child Maharaja Balram Dev lost incessant fights to the Qutb Shahi of Golconda and turned into a feeder realm.

In 1649, Maharaja Veer Vikram Dev deserted the old capital of Nandapur and established Jeypore, situated in the midst of bumpy reaches and thick woodlands. It is accepted that the persistent interruption of the Qutb Shahi lead representative and his military which was debilitating the organization of Nandapur constrained the ruler to move his funding to a deliberately reasonable land. It stayed a feeder for over a century however in 1674, Maharaja Vishwambhar Dev crushed the Qutb Shahi Governor of Chicacole who controlled for the Sultan of Golconda and guaranteed power. This ruler is known as the dad of the medieval arrangement of Jeypore on the grounds that he set up numerous zamindaris across the North Andhra and South Odisha area. Be that as it may, the military upset executed by Balram Dev III against his sibling Maharaja Ramchandra Dev in 1710 guaranteed the breakdown of the realm. Numerous feudatories of Andhra asserted freedom from Jeypore and the realm lost a huge degree of region.

The realm confronted numerous difficulties yet stayed sovereign until the coming of the British in 1777. Maharaja Vikram Dev struggled the adversaries on two fronts yet was crushed on the two events and his realm was downgraded to a Zamindari for its unfriendly position towards the British.

Indeed, even as a zamindari, the development and improvement of Jeypore proceeded in the system of Maharaja Ramchandra Dev III, Maharaja Vikram Dev III, Maharaja Ramchandra Dev IV and the last authority ruler, Maharaja Vikram Deo Verma (Vikram Dev IV).

In 2013, Vishweshvar Dev was delegated as the faker Maharaja of Jeypore turning into the twenty-seventh lord on the 570th commemoration of the dynasty.

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