Joranda Gadi

Joranda Gadi is a temple constructed at the intersection of three villages: Joranda, Natima, and Patna. The supreme lord is honored in this temple. Sunya Brahma, or the shapeless lord, is the name given to him by Mahima dharma devotees. This sect forbids the worship of idols. The supreme lord is honored in this temple. Many individuals from other religions believe that this sect’s followers worship Surya, the sun deity, although this is untrue. They simply pray to the Supreme Lord while facing Surya, as this is the direction of concentration. Apart from east and west, one can choose one’s fixed direction, however once set, it cannot be modified. Joranda mela is primarily observed by Mahima Dharma followers.

Joranda Gadi Temple of Mahima Dharam Sadhus. Its in Dhenkanal Orissa, India  | Places picked by Brani

The temple was constructed in the early twentieth century, but the shrine dates back to the early fourteenth century. The Mahima Dharma was spread through Mahima Goswami’s Samadhi Peetha. Although the sect’s principles appear to be similar to those of Panchashakha, Buddhism, Tantra, and Jainism, Mahima Dharma is a separate religion in the history of Indian religions. They understand how important the Bhagavata Purana is to them. All the gods are revered by them. The sect is part of an austere group. Because ascetics of this sect are not allowed to stay in one hamlet for more than two nights at a time, staying at the meeting place allows one to move to another corner of the temple. The temple is devoted to Sunya Bramha, the formless Lord, who is the greatest lord. Inside, there is no image worship. This sect’s ascetics are now residing here. Every year, the Maagha mela draws a large number of ascetics. It is only 24 kilometers north of Dhenkanal town. It allows all guests to focus on their spiritual selves. Greetings, Mahima Alekh.
This celebration takes place every year on the full moon day of Magha (Magha Purnima Day), which falls in January-February.

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