Kalijai Temple

Kalijai Temple is arranged on an island in Chilika Lake. It is viewed as the homestead of the Goddess Kalijai. Goddess Kalijai is really Kali, the source and the principal ‘Mahavidya’ of ‘Dasmahavidyas’. Profoundly adored by the neighborhood people, the divinity has been loved in the nearby fables and legends. The island gives an astounding objective to explorers just as travelers. Consistently in January, an enormous affair reasonable is held during the celebration of Makar Sankranti.


Rumors from far and wide suggest that a recently hitched young lady (named Jaai) alongside her dad planned to meet her significant other. As her in-law’s home was on an island in Chilika Lake they needed to take a boat to ship them across the lake. Odisha’s coast is exceptionally inclined to Cyclones and during this boat trip they were experienced with an extreme Cyclone, thus their boat was inverted in the Chilika Lake. Just the boatman and her dad endure this occasion aside from the young lady Jaai. They looked for her yet couldn’t find her. After this coincidental demise of that recently marry young lady, she turned into the Goddess of individuals living close by and work now, she is revered as an EXCERPT of Kali. Also, this is the way the spot got its name.

As per a sonnet by Pandit Godabarish Mishra, Jaai was a young lady who planned to get hitched in Parikud island. The boat upset in the tempest. She met her deplorable passing and turned into the divinity Kalijai. Nonetheless, it’s ascribed to the creative mind of the artist and may not be proven. Dr. Radha Charan Panda makes reference to in The History of Parikud (1930) that this sanctuary was worked by Sri Jagannath Mansingh, lord of Bankad (as of now known as Banapur) in the year 1717.

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