Khandadhar Falls

Khandadhar falls is situated in Nandapani of Bonaigarh in Sundargarh district, the state of the Indian state of Odisha. It is India’s 12th highest waterfalls and the second highest in Odisha. It resembles a sword hence the name Khanda (Sword) Dhara Falls. A small stream (which is korapani Nala) plunges below the height of 244 meters (801 feet) in a single drop.


The Khandadhar waterfall far from Rourkela via Bonaigarh is 104 km(65mi), and from Keunjhar is 132 km(82mi).

There is an interesting legend among the Pauri Bhuiya tribal living in the vicinity of Khandahar. Legend has been reproduced from outlook (magazine). A Pauri Bhuiya legend explains how his mountain became so munificent. At one time in the Sundergarh branch of the community, there was the greedy goddess who used to eat trees, soil, and all other things. In despair, Pauri Bhuiya placed him on a rock which he ate – made a deep hole through which the Khandahar (dividing rock spring) turned out. So they had water. Then a pair of the community went to the eastern end of the Khandahar mountain range or to meet one of their relatives in Keonjhar. Their potential hosts were far away but a heap of grains was left out and surprisingly, birds were not even eating it. Inside the heap, the couple searched for a little goddess, Kanta Kumari, who was the savior of the prosperity of the region. They stole him and brought him back to Sundargarh, and so her reward became theirs.


The Kalinga commercial corporation limited operates the kurmitar mines located in the Khandahar hill range in 133 hectares. It exports manganese ore to China to iron ore and Korea. At the turn of the mountain top current, Khandadhara falls are partially dry. There are mines in the area spread 1,212 hectares has state-owned Odisha mineral corporation It has signed agreements with Adhunic Metaliks and Rexon Strips for the supply of iron ore. The government of Odisha intends to give 2,500 hectares of the lease to POSCO India. There has been local opposition and the matter has reached the courts. The court verdict is awaited till 2012.

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