Maa Pataneshwari Temple

Maa Pataneshwari Temple is a Hindu temple located in Kamlibazar, Sambalpur, Orissa. The temple is within the city limits of Sambalpur. The temple is dedicated to Maa Patneshwari, an incarnation of Goddess Kali. Goddess Patneshwari is the presiding deity of the Patna Kingdom. She is also known as the sister of Samaleswari.
Maa Patneshwari Temple was built in the late 16th century by Balram Dev ( the first Chauhan ruler of Sambalpur), in the heart of the city, formerly known as Patnagarh. The sanctum within which the deity Maa Pataneshwari is established is circular in design; the presiding deity, who is an incarnation of Goddess Kali, is very influential and plays a pivotal role among the people of Orissa.
The temple has vibrant architectural details throughout, from the entry gates to the shrine where the Goddess resides. When entering the temple, one can see the craftsmen’s meticulous work and small idols of different incarnations of the Goddess all over the entrance. More designs of mermaid-like creatures can be found on the front gate, which is symmetrical on both sides.

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