Maa Tarini Temple, Ghatagaon

The Maa Tarini Temple is situated at Ghatagaon, Kendujhar district in Odisha, India. it is a well-known Hindu Goddess temple.
Maa Tarini, as well as a few other Gods, are worshipped here.
According to locals, Tarini Maa was being transported from Puri to Kendujhar on the condition that if he turned back, she would not go any farther. The King was riding a horse to Kendujhar, and Goddess was following him. The sound of Maa Tarini’s ornaments could alert the king that Maa Tarini was approaching, but the sound of the ornaments didn’t come near the Ghatagaon in the deep forest, and the king turned back, thinking she wasn’t coming. But Maa Tarini was on her way, and her ornaments were muffled by the woodland dirt. Maa Tarini stayed there because of the situation and was worshipped as the Queen of the Forest.


  • Chaiti Yatra is the most well-known and well-attended festival in this region, held in April. It is usually observed between the last 5 days of Chaitra and the first 2 days of Baisakha, or between 9 and 15 April each year. The Odia New Year is celebrated on the first day of Baisakha.
  • Patua Yatra is another well-known celebration in this region, which takes place in April.
  • On the final Thursday of the Odia month, Ashadhi parba  is also celebrated here: Asadha

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