Mahurikalua is a well-known tourist destination in Odisha’s Ganjam district. Thousands of tourists visit this location each year. This is one of the area’s favorite picnic spots. This shrine, located in the Kerandi hills’ woodland, is dedicated to Goddess Mahurikalua.
This temple was worshipped by King Mahuri and his family, and he built it during his dynasty prior to British rule. People believed that the deity shielded the king from all harm with a special sword. The deity presented the king with a special sword that was very short but grew in size during the critical time. There is no sign of such a sword now, and it is only a legend.
Every month’s Sankranti, especially Mesha Sankranthi, is the temple’s most important celebration. This day is observed as the temple’s annual feast. On this memorable day, you can expect around one lakh guests.
Natural Beauty :
This temple is surrounded by lush green hills, adding to its allure. The beauty is enhanced by the silence of the hills and the singing of the birds. When you get into the temple, you can sense the tranquility in your heart. Here you can enjoy a natural, pollution-free environment. The actual temple was built on the top of the hill, but the king later built a temple at the foot of the hill so that numerous devotees could pray to the deity.
Previously, the royal family of King Mahuri looked after this temple, but currently, it is looked after by the Rauta family, a well-known business family. The management may change, but the royal family continues to play a significant role in the temple’s religious activities.
There is a modest rest house for visitors in addition to the temple. Some new development projects, such as the 999 stairs up the hill and the Sankitran mandapam, are currently underway with the assistance of Orissa Tourism.
How to Reach?
This is much closer to Berhampur, the Silk City. This city is about 15 kilometers away. It is 180 kilometers from the state capital of Odisha, Bhubaneswar. Tourists must first go to Berhampur by train, after which they can reserve a tourist car or vehicle and be at the destination in under half an hour. Our Odisha tourism has built a good Pakka road that leads to the shrine. Remember that there is no regular bus service to the temple on regular days.

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