Manikeshwari Temple

Manikeshwari Temple is located in the Odisha district of Kalahandi. The temple is situated south of Bhawanipatna. Goddess Manikeshwari is the main deity here. She is Nagavanshi Khyatriya’s, Ishta Devi. Animal sacrifice is performed at this temple during the Dussehra festival. A film is also available that depicts the animal sacrifice ritual performed in front of Goddess Manikeshwari. Karlapat, known for its charming wildlife, is close to the temple.
The modern Manikeswari temple in Bhawanipatna was built on the foundation laid by Udit Narayan Deo, and Brajamohan Deo completed it in 1947. Manikeswari has been known in Kalahandi history as Manik, the goddess of wealth, since the 10th century.
Every year, at a specific time, the Chatar yatra is held, and many individuals who have had their desires granted gather to sacrifice animals in the name of the goddess.

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