Mausi Maa temple

The Mausi Maa temple is located in the center of Puri’s Bada danda (Grand Road). It’s a modest shrine to the goddess Ardhashini.
According to Jagannath mythology, when Goddess Lakshmi Devi left Shri Mandira, Jagannath and Balabhadra became poor and had to go begging. Subhadra Devi was residing with Mausi Maa when Jagannath and Balabhadra were out (Maternal Aunt).
Ardhashosini is another name for Mausi Maa. Goddess Ardhashosini drank half of the seawater that flooded Puri and protected Shri Jagannath’s dwelling, according to the Skanda Purana’s Vaisnava Kanda. The Shree Kshetra is guarded by Goddess Ardhashosini and Kapalamochana Shiva.
The chariot of Shri Jagannath pauses at Mausi Maa temple during the Ratha yatra festival’s return voyage (Bahuda yatra), and the goddess is offered their favorite Poda Pitha, a type of baked cake consisting of lentils and rice.

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