Murga Mahadeva Shrine

Lord Shiva is honored at the Murga Mahadeva Shrine. It is situated in the Nuamundi mining area of the Kendujhar district’s Champua subdivision, Odisha, India. Thousands of worshippers flock here throughout the months of Shraavana, Kartik, and Shivaratri. It is an ancient shrine that follows both a tribal and a Brahminical method of worship. The adjacent waterfalls add to the beauty of the area. People come here for recreation and picnics every winter.
Murga Mahadev is a combination of the words Murugan and Mahadev, which in Dravidian languages indicate Kartikeya and Shiva, respectively. Historians believe it was once a spot where indigenous gods were worshipped before being turned into a Hindu shrine. Shiva is equally revered by the people of Jharkhand and Orissa.

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