Nirmaljhar is a perennial stream in the district of Ganjam in the Indian state of Odisha. It is situated beside the temple of Lord Vishnu. Nirmaljhar flows in the eastern ghats through the Badaghati mountain. the Princess of Khalikote Smt. Sugyani Devi has currently constituted a committee to promote Nirmaljhar as a tourist destination.
Inside the compound area, along with the Vishnu temple, there are many temples like Jagannatha, Bimala, Radhakrishna, Nilakantheswara, and Ganesa. According to history, the construction of these temples was taken up by the raja of Khalikote, the Balunkeswar Maharaj, about 1700 AD.
Nirmaljhara is situated at 19.60°N 85.066°E. It has an average height of 13 m (43 feet). There is no government place available at the site, though there is a Panth Nivas near Rambha, about 10 km. Is far away.
According to folk literature, the name Nirmaljhara is taken from the two Sanskrit / Odia words “Nirmala “which means ‘pure’ and “jhara” which means ‘stream’.
Nirmaljhar has both road and rail links Towards the north, it is 60 km from Berhampur and on the southern side, it is about 120 km from Bhubaneswar, the state capital. The nearest railway station is Khalikot station and is 9 km away from Nirmaljhara.

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