Pipili is a town and a NAC in the Indian state of Odisha, located in the Puri district. It is well-known for its exquisite Applique handicrafts. It is a town known for its colorful fabrics and artists. At the intersection of the Bhubaneswar to Puri road and the Konark road, it is 36 kilometers from Puri and 18 kilometers from Bhubaneswar.

Population :
Pipili has a population of 14,263 people according to the 2001 India census. Males make up 51% of the population, while females make up 49%. Pipili has a higher literacy rate than the national average of 59.5 percent, with male literacy at 77 percent and female literacy at 63 percent. 12 percent of Pipili’s population is under the age of six.
According to the 2011 Census, Pipili has a population of 17,623, with 9,036 men and 8,587 females.

Portuguese era :
The first Portuguese settlers landed in Pipli around 1514. The monarchs of the Kingdom of Orissa had cordial connections with him. Settlers built a factory, and the Portuguese became the main commercial firm, shipping rice, cotton, and butter from Orissa to Borneo and bringing Chinese goods and spices from Indonesia. For the next few decades, settlers and locals interacted, resulting in a Portuguese Creole that was spoken until the turn of the twentieth century (Indo-Portuguese creole). This description refers to Pipili(Pipley)port, which was once located near Balasore but has since sunk into the mud and been forgotten. The Pipili between Bhubaneswar and Puri has nothing to do with it.

Economy :
In Puri and the surrounding area, the appliqué work of Pipili, also known as “chandua” in colloquial language, is arguably the most well-known handcraft. This applique skill is practiced by every household in Darjisahi, a well-known applique village. The majority of the people here rely on this for a living.

Education :
Pipili’s Kidutopia Playschool/Preschool is arguably best renowned for its world-class environment, which is overseen by competent engineers who work in the Pipili bazaar and surrounding area. There is a government college and a private science institution, as well as a variety of different coaching institutes. It’s a small yet lovely township with well-educated and informed residents.

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