Odagaon RaghunathjewTemple is a Hindu temple in Odagaon, dedicated to Lord Rama. It is located in the Nayagarh district of Odisha, India.
The temple was built in the Middle Ages and is a popular pilgrimage destination in Odisha. It is constructed in the traditional Kalinga architectural style and is topped by three golden Kalashas.
Beautiful wooden idols of Sri Raghunath, Sita, and Laxman are placed in this temple. According to a famous tradition associated with the temple, renowned poet Kavisamrat Upendra Bhanja wrote his magnum opus, Baidehisha Vilas, here at the feet of Sri Raghunath. It is said that the famous poet Upendra Bhanja of Odisha meditated here and attained perfection in the Ram Taraka Mantra. There is a small museum inside the temple complex.
The most important festival occurs Rama Navami on here.
The distance between Nayagarh bus stop to Odagaon RaghunathjewTemple is 26 km.

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