Ramachandi Temple

Ramachandi Temple is located on the banks of the Kusabhadra River, which runs into the Bay of Bengal, in a lovely setting. It is only 5 kilometers from Konark in Odisha’s Puri district. Some believe Goddess Ramachandi, the Konark deity, is the presiding deity of this temple, while others believe it is the temple of Mayadevi, Surya’s wife (Sun God).
The scenic magnificence of the place is a graceful Chandi seated on a Lotus flower in a small temple half-hidden by sand mounds, on the river mouth of Kushabhadra and The infinite Bay of Bengal stretched on forever, surrounded by dense Casuarina plantations. The area was inaccessible to outside visitors prior to the construction of the Marine Drive road. However, it drew a large number of local devotees in the month of Ashwina to offer sacrifices or ‘Bali.’
The lovely sight has always captivated young lovers, students, and picnickers from all over. However, since the construction of the Marine dive road, the location has become much more accessible. A regular crowd of pleasure-seekers from the state, neighboring states, and distant places visits here on a regular basis.
Ramachandi coral reef is one of India’s most prominent living coral reefs, located offshore from the Ramachandi temple.

Locals are familiar with a legend about the deity. During the 17th century, a rebellious Hindu Brahmin youth, Kalapahad, who converted to Islam, vowed to demolish all Hindu temples. Kalapahad approached Ramachandi temple to destroy it after destroying the Sun temple. Then, dressed as a Maluni (a maidservant), Goddess Ramachandi asked Kalapahad to stand at the door until she brought water from the river for the Goddess. Kalapahad had been waiting for some cold water for a long time. He was exhausted when it was too late and the Maluni did not return, so he entered the temple and discovered the throne empty. Then he assumed the Maluni had taken the deity with her, and he pursued the Maluni in rage. He discovered the goddess Ramachandi floating in the middle of the Kushabhadra river as he arrived at the river’s bank. He returned without being able to reach the middle of the river because the river was overflowing at the time. Then, in the dream of a Panda (priest), Goddess Ramachandi appeared and told him to build a temple on the banks of the Kushabhadra river. This location is now known as Ramachandi. Many visitors come here throughout the year to seek the blessing of Goddess Ramachandi and to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Kushabhadra River and the Bay of Bengal.
The temple has now crumbled, leaving just the shattered walls and the empty throne. Its presiding deity is unknown because of a lack of historical data.

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