Rasabali is a sweet dish of odisha, india.  Rasabali is offered to baldevjew. it was originated from baldevjev temple in kendrapada. This one of the well-known offerings  of the jagannath temple.


1lit milk,1-cardamom powder, 2 tsp milkmaid, 2 tsp maida, dry fruits, saffron pinch, oil ,1 tsp vinegar or  lemon


To get chhena(cottage cheese), First boil the1/2 lit milk and bring lemon or vinegar  juice into it. When milk is torn, take the chhena(cottage cheese)  out of a pot with the help of a sieve or muslin clothes. Then wash the chhena(Cottage cheese)   thoroughly so that the smell of lemon or vinegar can be removed. To make a grainy if possible, put a little flour. Make the balls from its appropriate place and be printed in the big size.Deep fries in oil or ghee according to your choice. Filter the big deal and put in it on one side.Now put this on gas stove with another1/2 liter milk. Pour powdered milkmaid and cardamom on low flame to simmer for 40 min. Add sugar and keep full stirring. After slow 40 min, we get the rabri texture. Add the roofing instrument. Simmer for 10 to 15 minutes. Completely cool and decorated with saffron and nuts.

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