Saptamatruka Temple

Saptamatruka Temple is a Hindu temple located in Jajpur, Odisha, India. Saptamatrikas, Hindu Tantric, and Puranic Goddesses are honored at this temple.

Goddess of the President :
According to legend, these goddesses sprang from Devi Durga’s body while she was slaughtering Nishumbha and Shumbha. The matrikas reflect their respective male God’s inner willpower. Brahmani, Vaishnavi, Shivaduti or Indrani, Narasimhi, Chamunda, Kaumari, and Varahi are the Saptamatrikas.

At Present :
The rebuilt Saptamatrikas temple in Jajpur is located on the south bank of the Baitarani River. This shrine is also close to the Budha Ganesha Temple and Dashaswamedha Ghat. During the Krishna paksha Chaturdasi with Shatabhisha nakshatra in Chaitra month, people take a sacred dip. The goddesses are considered to be attendants of goddess Viraja and to safeguard the people of Jajpur regularly.

History :
The temple was in jeopardy and was eventually restored by ASI, India. The deities were installed for protection during Yajati Keshari’s Ashwamedha sacrifice. The idols’ design may be traced back to the 11th century AD. During Kala Chand’s control in Murshidabad, his forces came to destroy Hindu temples in and around Jajpur, and the Brahmins hid the Saptamatrika images in a tunnel near the Baitarani River. The images were later discovered and worshipped by Jajpur’s Utkala Brahmins.

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