Shri Nrusinghanath

Shri Nrusinghnath is a Temple in Odisha in India which is located at the bottom of the Gandhamardana hills near Pikakamal, Baragarh. The king of Patna, Baijal Dev, had laid the foundation of this historic temple at the beginning of the 15th century.

Its height is only 45 feet, which is divided into two parts: the first is the seat of Lord Nrusinghanatha, the second is allotted to Jagmohan. The chamber has 3 gates and is supported by every 4 columns.


Six hundred years ago, in the book called “Nrusingha Charitra” of Odiya, a lady Jamuna Kandhurni composed a poem that sang of the glory of Marjara keshri in respect of the oppression and suppression of the atrocities of the musician’s demon. This temple is revered with mythological history from that day. This story symbolizes the base of the monstrous viciousness of tyranny and torture which never dares to overtake and since then it is protected by Lord Nrusinghanath Marjra Keshari. According to the Chinese Traveler Huen Tsang, this place was the center of instruction in Buddhist scriptures. Lord Nrusingnath is one of the most adorable gods of Odisha and on the 14th day of the bright fortnight in the month of Vaisakha a great fair is held in his honor. According to Devanagiri and Odia inscriptions, this temple was built by BIjal Dev at the starting of the fifteenth century AD.


Chal Dhar, Bhim Dhar, Sita Kunda, Panchupandab, Kapil Dhara, Supta Dhar, Satyaamb, Bhima Madua, Happy Point also you can visit here. Nursinghnath Temple is located 110 KMS west in Baragarh and 164 km from Sambalpur. The nearest railway station is Khariara road railway station. A beautiful garden is also built near the temple, where a separate avatar of Lord Krishna is shown and an image of hanuman of 28 feet is also made inside the center of the garden

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