The Samleshwari temple

The Samleshwari temple is a Hindu temple in Sambalpur in western Odisha, dedicated to the goddess known as Samleshwari, also known as the mother samlleswari (Maa Samelai), meaning mother Samleshwari.

The presiding deity of sambalpur, shri shri Samleshwari, is a strong religious force in the western part of the state of Odisha and Chhattisgarh in India.

 On the Banks of the Mahanadi River, the goddess Samleshwari is worshiped from antiquated occasions as jagatjanini, adisakti, mahalaxmi and mahasaraswati, and is the mother of the universe.

Sambalpur area is known as Hirakhanda since ancient times.

Tolemy described the place as a Samblack, according to the French explorers, Tavemir and English historian Edward Gibbon, the diamonds were exported from sambalpur to Rome.

 There is a large section of granite rock in the image of shri shri Samllei devi, with an inverted trunk – like projection below it. The image of the goddess inspires the sublime feelings of fear, fear, reverence, devotion, love and love for the universal motherhood

 The temple consists of two distinct structures. The square sanctum which establishes the deity is four steps below a covered orbit of 10 feet wide (3.0 m) supported by 12 stone pillars. On the outer wall of the sanctum are Eleven parswa devis (side Goddess) embedded, so that the devotees can perform worship of those deities through the domed orbiting pradakshina.

 The people of sambalpur worship with a great care, devotion and love to the samalei maa. Out of many festivals 3 festivals are celebrated prominently.

those are two types Navaratri puja (Continuous goddess worship for nine days) and Nuakhai (in this festival, Farmers place the first produce from their land to the goddess before using it for their own use).

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